At Sidenor, we work on sustainability in a transversal manner throughout our entire value chain, in all our processes and operations

Commitments ESG Sidenor NET ZERO

We are the first company to certify the real CO2 footprint of our over 35,000 steel references

This allows us to ensure the transparency and traceability of the environmental footprint of each product reference that we sell.

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    55%* reduction by 2025

    60%* reduction by 2030

    * We expect to reach these objectives by 2023.

    We fight Climate Change and bet on Circular Economy

    This is a critical competitive strategy to continue operating in an increasingly sustainable market.

    Emissions evolution

    Emissions evolution

    ** Figures from 2021 and 2022 were calculated according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

    *** Objective submitted to the SBTi. Validation expected.

    Circular economy

    Circular economy

    A strong commitment to circular economy

    Over the past 10 years, we have increased our waste recovery rate by 19%.

    19 % increase in our waste recovery rate

    Azkoitia and Vitoria recovery % > 95 %

    % waste recovered

    % waste recovered

    Over the past 10 years, we have dedicated over 40 million euros to the development of environmental and energy efficiency activities

    We have reduced by 71 % CO2 emissions since 2012

    We recover over + 88 % of the waste generated

    We recycle over + 800000 tonnes of scrap per year

    Investment distribution

    Reduction in emissions: 17%
    Resource recovery: 4%
    Reduction in noise pollution: 1%
    Improvement in ground quality: 6%
    Improvement in water quality: 12%
    Energy efficiency: 60%


    We are strongly committed to respecting and complying with Human Rights

    Especially Human Rights linked to: Talent, Safety and Prevention, responsible and sustainable Purchase, Community.

    Social aspects


    Thanks to our prevention, equality, reconciliation and training policies and plans, we have become one of the ten companies with the best corporate reputation in the Basque Country.


    We actively collaborate with suppliers, social entities, training centers as well as sports and cultural associations of the regions in which we are present.


    We have a continuous evaluation plan which allows us to ensure that the supply chain is reliable and aligned with the quality objectives pursued.

    Basauri Kirolak


    We have a set of policies and a Corporate Governance Body which help us develop all our activities in an honest, ethical and transparent manner

    “We will maintain and extend our ESG commitment in order to ensure our profitability and sustainability in the long term, with a specific focus on decarbonization”.

    José Antonio Jainaga

    Chairman of Sidenor

    José Antonio Jainaga

    José Antonio Jainaga


    Marco Pineda

    Marco Pineda

    Corporate Managing Director

    Maite Echarri

    Maite Echarri

    Director of Economics, Finance and IT

    Gregorio Iparraguirre

    Gregorio Iparraguirre

    Director of Sales

    Enrique Canal

    Enrique Canal

    Director of Industrial Affairs


    We are committed to working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda

    Adhering to the Global Compact means that Sidenor commits to aligning its operations with Ten Principles that are universally accepted in the areas of Human Rights, labor regulations, environment and the fight against corruption.


    “At Sidenor, we have decided to make respect for the environment a competitive advantage. We want to be the first European specialty steel manufacturer to make sustainable steel, with zero net CO2 emissions, available to our customers”

    Sara Jainaga Olavarria

    Finances & ESG

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